A Growing Trend

 - Mar 13, 2007
References: news.bbc & forum.wordreference
In all honesty, all of us have had a crush on a teacher. It's a rite of growing up. But what if the tables are turned? What if a teacher falls in love with a student? Is that child abuse in the making? Is this teacher a freak of nature?

Just to play the Devil's Advocate, is it unnatural for a 35 year old to be physically attracted to a physically-perfect 18 year old specimen?

The moral and ethical issues come into play when an certain 35 year old ACTS on those attractions, but are we villainizing nature? Don't all of us lust over the latest model when it comes to cars? Don't we all take a second glance? So maybe we should also chill out when in comes to teachers being attracted to their students.

And guess what? Some very imperfect people are going to act on those attractions. It's not recommended. It's highly irresponsible. But maybe it's also human nature. People are all about sexual freedom when it comes to homosexuality and crossing the gender divide. Is it too much to at least have some understanding when it comes to crossing the age divide? Abuse of children who are pre-pubescent is an atrocity. Everyone knows that. But when we're talking 17 and 18 year olds who are already deciding to experiment sexually to their hearts content, is this REALLY that perverted and obscene?