The Zhu Ge Tea Leaves Packaging is Inspired by Folklore

 - Jun 13, 2016
The high-end Zhu Ge tea leaves packaging focuses on providing a touch of Chinese folklore to the consumer in the form of artistic imagery. Zhu Ge tea grows in Hainan, China, which is taken into account with the packaging design that focuses on black and white imagery with flowing landscapes and plants.

The packaging consists of a tin that sits nestled into a box with a rather minimalistic aesthetic. This helps to keep the focus on the product within rather than having the consumer be too preoccupied with the packaging.

The Zhu Ge tea leaves packaging signifies the high respect that is held for simple yet traditional products such as tea. The aesthetic that less is more is evident and helps to make a statement without saying much at all.

The packaging is the work of SunDesign of China.