These Delicate Tea Cups are Carefully Fashioned Out of Book Pages

 - Mar 1, 2016
References: cecilialevy & boredpanda
Creative Cecilia Levy has found a way to repurpose the pages of old novels by transforming them into tea cups and other household objects through delicate folding. The brittle and faded pages of the books are creatively used to replicate the aesthetic of everyday items to appear to be fully functional that are incredibly delicate and beautiful.

To some it might seem sacrilegious to tear up the pages of a book, but Levy's work doesn't desecrate the words or disregards the novel's integrity. Instead the pages are simply repurposed and transformed into new shapes with careful folding. The books are used to recreate items such as tea cups and saucers in realistic detail from the curvature in the dishware to the detail in the handles.