This Artist Uses Soggy Tea Bags as a Canvas for Her Intricate Art

 - Oct 29, 2015
References: rubysilvious & mymodernmet
As part of her '363 Days of Tea' art project, Ruby Silvious challenged herself to create a unique piece of tea bag art everyday. The result is a series of delightful drawings, paintings and collages, all of which were made on a soggy and old tea bag.

The concept is truly unique, and forces Silvious to work on a canvas that isn't blank, but instead imprinted with odd colors and textures. This forced Silvious to be creative in her art, intricately working around and incorporating the damp areas. The project serves as the artist's daily journal, featuring new pieces each day that reflect her current state of mind.

The tea bag art collection varies from sunsets, pinup girls, fruits and hanging laundry. Some works utilize multiple tea bags, like Silvious' collection of recreated folded sweaters.