The Tea & A Glassware Collection by Luis Caicedo is Full-Bodied

The Tea & A Glassware Collection is inspired by the seductive form of a woman's luscious lady lumps. The six-piece collection showcases a vast range of tush and chest sizes. One can choose the Flat Jug, Big Jug, the Big A and Tiny A teacups. The glasswear appears exactly how they are described. The Colombian artist behind this curvious collection Luis Caicedo is a self-taught designer based in New York City. His quirky glass designs mix humor and traditional craftmanship to create beautiful hand-blown glassware.

Aside from the Tea & A Jugs, the Milk Maid milk vessel and Sugar T*ts sugar bowl are also available for purchase. These tumblers are made from hand-blown clear pyrex glass and can be used for both hot and chilled beverages.

This lady-bit boasting glass collection is perfect for afternoon tea with the gals or summertime BBQs.