Taylor Veltrop Brings a Robot to Life With Kinect Technology

 - Jan 29, 2011   Updated: Aug 8 2011
References: newscientist
Over the past year, some truly amazing Kinect hacks have made their way across the Internet, but even with all the top-notch innovations out there, this particular mod by Taylor Veltrop still takes the cake.

The video features Taylor Veltrop using a modded Kinect controller to manipulate the movements of a tiny robot. And while the robot still has difficulty completely mimicking human motion, it is still undeniably an interesting piece of work.

Implications - The recent innovation of stereoscopic cameras capable of charting your body has led to even more impressive creations such as controller-free video games, identification software and Star Trek-like interfacing. As different scientific disciplines intersect more often, researchers capable of synthesizing established technologies to mold newer ones will not only attract the interest of older customers, but newcomers too.