These Tarin Yuangtrakul 'Tearing Out' Drawings are Ultra Creepy

 - Oct 4, 2010   Updated: Jun 16 2011
Within these Tarin Yuangtrakul 'Tearing Out' drawings, human skulls are portrayed in a creepy manner, guaranteed to give viewers the chills.

The theme behind these portraits are explained as seeing the truth behind one's face. These illustrations can be quite gruesome as the inner parts of a hollowed-out eyeball, skeletal bones and bloody veins are displayed. These Tarin Yuangtrakul 'Tearing Out' sketches are definitely an eyeful.

Implications - Youth consumers are increasingly looking for experiences that challenge what they are comfortable. This group values a liberal progressive social stance. Companies looking to effectively promote their brand to this group should consider transgressing certain accepted social taboos within their marketing and ad campaigns.