Tara McPherson ‘Somewhere Under the Rainbow' Collection

The Tara McPherson ‘Somewhere Under the Rainbow’ collection is whimsically dark, incorporating modern printing techniques with retro-inspired illustration. Each subject is sickly sweet with a razor-sharp edge, exuding blatant innocence and an eerie sense of wisdom. McPherson includes pretty pouts with rainbow-hued hair and Kiss-inspired face paint. With honey-dripping colors and details such as skulls, balloons and girl scout sashes, this collection of serigraphs is for any good girl gone evil.

Tara McPherson is a New York-based artist. She has worked in collaboration with major bands, such as Beck, Modest Mouse and the Melvins. Beyond illustration, she also works with paint, comic graphics and art toys. She has made contributions to Kidrobot, Dark Horse and Toy2R. Throughout college, McPherson interned at Rough Draft Studios, working on ‘Futurama.’