Si.Mobil & ORTO Offer Youth a Total Brand Experience

 - Nov 11, 2010
Si.mobil, with its youth brand ORTO, has become the most favourite mobile brand among Slovenian youth in the past three years. This is because it creates campaigns which offer young people the chance to be the brand's co-creators.

This year ORTO re-branded itself with a new message, "Live your way," in order to prove to youngsters again that ORTO is a brand that exists beyond just advertising.

The "Live your way" campaign by ORTO offered young street artists a chance to express their way of life through the use of tape art -- a medium never seen before in Slovenia. Colorful duct tape was also offered to younger ORTO customers, who were encouraged to express themselves and comment on the world in which they live.

Interest in the campaign and ORTO brand has gone beyond expectations, with word-of-mouth spreading all over the country and many respected media reporting on the creative ORTO campaign and ORTO artists.