MediocreFilms’ Talking Baby Prank Makes Infants Seem Very Grown Up

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: youtube
The talking baby prank from MediocreFilms on YouTube is a simple one that involves using a real baby and concealing a speaker on the bottom of a stroller to make it seem as if the very young child is capable of mature speech.

There’s not much buildup to the prank, but people are still amused nonetheless by the voice of an adult male coming from an infant. Most of the people that interact with the pretend dad and the baby include couples with a baby of their own and women who indulge the chatty infant in humorous conversation.

The talking baby prank is not quite as startling as the devil baby that wheeled around by itself in NYC, but it does conjure up some confused stares and it’s much more harmless.