The Tali App is Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

 - May 4, 2018
References: telltali & producthunt
Whether for freelancing or simply as a way to stay organized throughout the course of one's day, the Tali app is a convenient way to keep track of one's time without having to constantly disengage from the activities themselves. The new app makes time tracking easy by routing it through the best voice assistants available: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The Tali app is designed specifically for freelancers. Not only can users simply speak natural language commands in order to keep track of the various activities that they're doing as part of their work, but the app is also designed to sync with many of the most popularly used billing tools. That includes the likes of Clio, Rocket Matter, and PracticePanther, so all the nitty-gritty of freelancing can be controlled with voice alone.