The Taiga TS2 is Described as the Tesla of Snowmobiles

 - Apr 3, 2018
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The Taiga TS2 is the world’s first production electric snowmobile. Inspired by Tesla, the Taiga TS2 snowmobile rockets from 0-60mph in just 3 seconds. The zero emissions Taiga aims to challenge the current gas-powered snowmobile industry which is extremely polluting.

With a range of 62 miles (100km) on a single charge in -30 Celsius, the Taiga TS2 can be charged in 2 hours or up to 80% in 20 minutes with the DC fast-charging option. The sculpted body is extremely lightweight at under 500lbs. The powertrain is zero maintenance and requires no oil or fuel. Designed for today’s technological inclined consumer, the TS2 is equipped with integrated GPS and app-based connectivity.

Vastly more efficient, and extremely powerful, the Taiga TS2 is setting a new standard in the snowmobile industry while respecting the environment that we all love.