The llegado Series by taeg nishimoto Draws a Prehistoric Influence

 - Jul 3, 2018
References: cargocollective & designboom
taeg nishimoto introduces the llegado series, which is a set of stools constructed from recycled paper pulp. This design aims to explore the strength of paper materials in an environmentally friendly approach. The visual aesthetic was designed to represent something from a prehistoric time, with an unknown structure -- this also represents the journey of paper pulp materials. The stools are crafted in two different types of configuration contrasted between the legs and the seats.

The legs involve a constructive process of a paper pulp mixture that wraps around a wooden rod 1cm thick to be dried over the course of three to four days. The seat uses a different yet similar approach but takes eight to 10 days for its drying process. Photo Credits: designboom, cargocollective