The Tacdial Watch was Designed to Be Deciphered by Touch

 - Mar 6, 2014
References: onelittleking & yankodesign
With a quick glance at the Tacdial Watch, you will be able to read the hour easily. Unlike most wristwatches, however, this one can be distinguished by the visually impaired without trouble. Every indicator has been embossed or impressed, and it's the shadows cast that make the markings obvious to the eye.

Ryan Kirkpatrick began with a squared face for the chronograph and put notches into it in a round format. Each of these 12 indentations represents an hour of the day, which is indicated by a sunken slit in the rotating dial. The minutes are communicated by a protruding dash that points within one of the dozen 5-minute sections. It would take the blind wearer of the Tacdial Watch just seconds to locate the two tangible hands and to consequently interpret the time.