Merdinger House of Design's Original Works is for a New Generation

 - Jan 18, 2015
References: merdinger-online
The tableware accessories by Merdinger House of Design could easily by likened to jewelry for the dining experience. Decorative, delicate and luxurious, the pieces stand out against the crowd in order to bring a stylish sense of opulence to meals, intimate gatherings and special occasions.

Refreshingly unique and inspired by philosophies rooted in intense spirituality, the tableware accessories are created with the help of computer-assisted design software. As is written on the company's website, "Merdinger is the heirloom design house for a new generation, producing exclusive and original works for the world's most priviledged connoisseur." The stylish tableware accessories strike an intriguing balance between old and new traditions that will speak to many modern individuals.