This Tablet Infographic Shows the Correct Way to Walk on Slippery Surfaces

 - Jun 16, 2012
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This Tablet infographic shows people how to properly walk on ice to avoid a frigidly fatal fall.

Shoveling snow in the winter is a tiring task but it must be done to avoid slipping on ice that sends you flying in the air. According to these statistics, each year in the United States there's an average of 60 deaths from tornado-related causes and that's the same amount for those who die from slipping on ice -- what a sad way to send these folks flying out of this world.

There's a way to prevent a nasty fall and it's all about posture. People tend to walk in a stride with legs spread wide but that's dangerous when one comes across ice. The correct stance is to center one's gravity over one leg and to stand as straight as possible. People tend to wonder why penguins wobble so oddly but they're the first animals who have found the right posture.