Tab House Helps Urban Denizens Move from the City to the Country

 - Nov 7, 2017
References: dezeen
There's no doubt that city life and country life are two entirely different modes of being, and Tab House is specifically designed to help draw those two worlds slightly closer together. Built by Japanese architect Takanori Ineyama, the rural home includes features that help combat the natural tendencies that accrue as a result of living in the city, making it a comfortable space for the urban and the rural alike.

Tab House's residents are both Tokyo natives who recently moved out to the countyside, and they were concerned with the culture shock that would come with such a move. To help the clients, Ineyama designed the home with "marginal spaces" like a patio and a first floor balcony. These elements encourage the clients to both get outside and to socialize with their neighbors, two keystones of country comfort.