T- Mobile Registers Magenta

 - Jan 28, 2008
References: freemagenta.nl
Deutsche Telekom, mother company for T-Mobile in Holland, has registered magenta at the European Brandoffice to prevent any other company in Holland from using this colour for their communication devices, logos or stationary.

I thought they were joking because it seemed pretty impossible that someone can own a colour (I would like to own purple!)

As you can imagine, this measure has already brought up many protestations around the country and lots of debates around the issue. Creative agencies in particular foresee clear limitations on their creativity if this example is to be followed by other companies.

Lava Graphic Design in Amsterdam has already created a site to fight for magenta's rights to be free to use by all. It has received enormous repercussion so far.

There have been a lot of imaginings of how life would be if we could not use magenta anymore (no more magenta lips on ads, no more Pink Panther, no more cool power point presentations, no more bright pink for dutch life!)

Anyhow, I still find it hard to believe that a company can own exclusivity rights on a particular colour...