'Endless West' Boasts the Ability to Make Whiskey Without Barrels

 - Aug 28, 2018
References: endlesswest & foodandwine
Endless West is on a mission to produce completely synthetic whiskey without barrels as part of a process that's better for the environment and uses fewer resources and land than traditional methods. As Endless West co-founder and CEO Alec Lee describes, "if things that we are doing were not necessary for the environment, we would not do it."

Endless West was previously named Ava Winery and had its sights set on producing synthetic wine without actual grapes or fermentation. Now that the start-up has rebranded and shifted its focus, it plans to release its first product—some sort of brown spirit like a rum, bourbon or whiskey—by the end of 2018. The finished artificial whiskey is set to be a sustainable, cost-effective product that has the potential to disrupt the alcohol industry.