This Synthetic Leather is Made Out of the Most Unusual Material

 - Jan 15, 2014
References: & fastcoexist
The synthetic leather market is so popular because people love leather but hate the process of how it's made, so what if we could change it? Faux leather has been around for awhile but even the manufacturing process of that involves tons of chemicals.

The green movement is in full swing as big business rally behind projects that can save the environment and this new project could be one of the biggest ones. Chemists at the University of Delaware are creating a synthetic leather out of the highly unexpected chicken feathers.

The chemists make use of the downy fibers from chicken feathers in combination with plant oil resin, natural fibers, heat and pressure to create a breathable material that is leather-esque. The group, called Wool, is already working with Nike and Puma to develop an athletic shoe using the eco-friendly material.