The Symbiosis Lamp has a Rubber Husk that Encapsulates Vases

 - Jun 22, 2011
References: rafaelmorgan & designspotter
A lighting fixture need not be of a fixed form, for the Symbiosis Lamp by Rafael Morgan demonstrates how an illuminator can be satisfied to leach onto another object.

The unusual table lamp can hardly be defined, since the bulk of its shape is derived from the receptacle that supports its bulb and shade. The designer has paired his creation with a collection of transparent glass vases, each boasting remarkably different forms.

The concept behind the Symbiosis Lamp by Rafael Morgan is this the establishment of a "relationship of mutual benefit or dependence." The more curvy the container is, the more compelling the piece becomes. A white elastic fabric that embraces the entire object gives a see-through aesthetic a clearly delineated silhouette.