Swumanoid Robot Can Swim Like a Real Boy

 - Aug 5, 2012
References: dvice & geekologie
Straight from Japan comes the Swumanoid robot. This prototype is the first robot to be able to swim like a human does. That's right folks, no propellers or jet engines, this android is capable of doing the frontstroke, backstroke and breaststroke. Though these claims may seem hard to believe, the scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Technology admit that the Swumanoid robot doesn't always swim exactly like it is supposed to.

The team behind this aquatic android explain that the robot could be very useful for sports science research. As of now, it is very hard to measure the propulsion generated by hands when swimming. The Swumanoid robot does not have this problem, luckily.

Eventually, the team hopes that this robot could help to save people who are drowning. This innovation, though amazing, begs the question: why use a robot that swims like a human when you could make a robot that swims better than a human?