This Switzerland Tourism Ad Contains No Dialogue, but a Clear Message

 - Jan 3, 2013
References: & ibelieveinadv
Time means nothing in this Switzerland tourism ad. In a well orchestrated, dialogue-free advertisement promoting travel to Switzerland this winter, the camera follows two elderly men as they travel around the country removing clocks from various places. What makes this Switzerland tourism ad work so well internationally is it doesn't rely on language to convey its message.

As the men travel to the ends of the country, they climb high ladders and remove ticking hands from church clocks. They go into people's homes and businesses and collect their clocks. After each visit they pile all the clocks into their buggies. The entire time a rooster is watching them go from place to place. After they've collected all the clocks, they put a sign in the snow that shows a line through a rooster (meaning no roosters to wake people up).

The ad ends with "We do everything for a relaxing winter holiday."