The Switchboard Platform is an Intercom for Both Work and Social Communication

 - Jan 30, 2018
References: switchboardaudio & producthunt
Intraoffice communication has come a long way thanks to chat apps like Slack and Google Hangouts, but the Switchboard platform is aiming to redefine how people communicate with coworkers as well as friends and family. The platform effectively turns users' smartphones into personal intercoms, making clear, crisp voice communication virtually instantaneous and free of the annoying notifications that plague even standard phone calls.

The Switchboard platform functions through voice-based chat rooms where any speech is broadcast to everyone in the room. It lets you mute individual users or turn your communications off entirely, so each user has complete control over their degree of connectivity. Users can simply vocalize commands like "switch on" or "mute Jim", and the system uses voice-recognition to respond accordingly.

Switchboard automatically pipes its sounds directly into users' headphones, and it also tracks the songs that users are listening to and allows other in the chat room to listen along. This makes it great not only for office culture, but for keeping up with the friends and family members that people contact most.