The Arena 'Cobra Ultra' Swim Goggles are Designed for Minimal Drag

When you're a competitive swimmer or trying to beat your own record, the right accessories can make all the difference like the Arena 'Cobra Ultra' swim goggles help to do.

Designed for a snug, stable fit that helps to optimize the wearers' vision, the Arena 'Cobra Ultra' come packed with five nose bridge attachments. This allows them to be customized to the wearers' exact specifications to do away with one-size-fits-all styles and keep them as bespoke as possible.

The hard polycarbonate lenses feature an anti-fog coating that allow for crystal-clear vision beneath the water's surface. The curved lenses on the Arena 'Cobra Ultra' swim goggles allow for a wider field of vision than ever with an optimized view of the area in front.