Sweet Revenge is a Sugar Alternative Made from Coconut Flower Nectar

 - Nov 24, 2015
References: sweetrevengesugar.co
While there are now dozens of sugar alternatives on the market, not all of them are as versatile as Sweet Revenge. Some sugar alternatives tend not to dissolve well in coffee, or react well when involved in baking, but this sweetener made from 100% organic coconut flower nectar boasts that it "never requires recipe modifications."

In terms of taste, Sweet Revenge is described as sweet, subtle and comparable to toasty caramel. Because the sugar alternative is made from granulated coconut flower nectar, it's one of the few sweeteners that can be used as a cup-for-cup in replacement for brown or white sugar any confectionery or baking projects.

Like regular sugar, Sweet Revenge melts and bakes well, but it's also beloved for other reasons, including sustainability, rich nutrients and low-glycemic qualities.