'MADE-BY Track & Trace' Garment Sleuthing System

 - May 24, 2009
References: worldchanging & made-by.nl
MADE-BY Track & Trace is an affiliate labeling system that allows consumers to follow the manufacturing trail of their clothes. The brands affiliated with Amsterdam-based MADE-BY endeavor to encourage sustainable and ethical production practices, like using organic raw materials and providing good working conditions, in the fashion industry.

Site-available scorecards show the percentage of each brand’s collections that meet the production standards’ goals.

By going online and entering the Track & Trace label information, consumers can enter see who worked on bringing their clothes to life. The system tracks the entire process from materials harvest to sewing studio.

MADE-BY Track & Trace is the very first system to apply traceablity to the origin of clothes. Several online retailers are affiliates. There is a list on the MADE-BY site.