'Surfaced' by Melissa Cooke is a Combination of Several Mediums

Traditionally in the art world, a work is either done with photography or with art supplies, but 'Surfaced' by Melissa Cooke is a combination of both with the final product only possible with the previous one.

Discussing 'Surfaced,' Cooke explains, "I take photographs as I paint and pour liquids onto myself, using my face as a canvas. The photo shoot references the practice of drawing and painting; then the final graphite drawing references photography." It's this complex interplay of disciplines that really get to the heart of her artistic ability and help to convey her unique sense of self.

I love when artists explain their process because it's something we aren't always privy to. 'Surfaced' by Melissa Cooke is a beautiful homage to several artistic mediums that highlights some mind-bending creations some might find rather obscure.