This Supplement Bottle Conveys the Power of the Capsules Inside

'Instant Knock Out' is a line of fat-burning capsules that comes in a fist-shaped supplement bottle. When it comes to supplements and multivitamins, most of these products come in small white bottles that rarely capture the attention of consumers. This eye-catching supplement bottle stands out from comparable products due to its innovative packaging.

Instant Knock Out is a line of fat-burning supplements developed by mixed martial artists Diego Sanchez and John Dodson. The supplements are largely targeted towards pro boxers who are trying to burn body fat before their next match. In order to capture the attention of professional athletes and other fitness buffs, the supplements come in a transparent fist-shaped bottle. The dramatic package shows off the bright red capsules inside, while also conveying the 'knockout fat' theme touted by the brand.

The creative branding for this particular supplement demonstrates how companies can use targeted packaging to appeal to a specific demographic.