Phil Postma's Superman Cereal Boxes Let You Eat Like the Man of Steel

 - Jul 10, 2013
References: minionfactory.blogspot & technabob
It's safe to say that these Superman cereal boxes would be the go-to breakfast meal for comic book geeks if they were real. Unfortunately for Superman superfans, they aren't. These geeky cereal boxes were created by Phil Postma. Postma's original cereal features the Man of Steel himself and some of his greatest villains.

Everyone will be able to recognize Bizarro and Lex Luther, but it takes a true geek (or the assistance of Google) to spot Brainiac and Mxyzptlk. Each Superman cereal box looks as if it could exist in the real world. The boxes come with prizes inside and special offers. Also, Kryptonite Crunch looks delicious. Here's hoping Postma creates more superhero-based cereals. Comic heroes should be apart of every balanced breakfast.