Superlative Luxury Has Crafted the World's Most Expensive Tee

This diamond-studded tee by Superlative Luxury has the honor of being dubbed the world's most expensive T-shirt. The 100% organic top will run you an astounding $400,000! Not only is the T-shirt made using only organic materials, it is also tricked out with over nine carats worth of black and white diamonds.

The shirt is manufactured using a production process that cut noxious emissions by 90%. Not only is this eco-friendly process kind to the environment it also makes these comfy tee suitable for all skin-types. Those who have the funds would be well-advised to invest in this showstopper from Superlative Luxury for the bragging rights alone. I'm sure you would feel ten-feet-tall with these ultra-exclusive threads on your back.

This ultra-luxurious tee from Superlative Luxury is sure to get you more than your fair share of envious stares.