This SuperHero Merchandise Makes the Perfect Gift for Fans

This superhero merchandise will make you feel strong enough to take on any villain. The athletic jackets were designed by DeviantArt user seventhirtytwo and his gallery of hoodie designs feature heroes, villains and other comic book characters. Although they carry superhero inspired designs, the garments are very suitable for everyday wear.

In this collection of superhero merchandise there are designs inspired by Batman, Harley Quinn, Superman, Deadpool, Spawn and more. They carry the iconic colors of each hero and villain and even their symbols. The fabric looks durable and fitted—perfect for athletes and sporty people.

This superhero merchandise would be the perfect thing to wear during a workout. You’ll be visible to cars if you’re running outside and you’ll look super awesome while you weight train at the gym. People might start asking for your autograph, so be careful not to wear it in large crowds unless you want your secret identity slipping out.