Super Chill Monkey Does Hollywood

 - May 21, 2008
References: youtube
Viral videos are monkeying around in Hollywood! Unbuttonfilms, the same company that brought us the ”Guys backflip into jeans” undercover ad for Levis, has launched Super Chill Monkey Does Hollywood.

One thing's for sure, director Benzo Theodore loves drama acrobatics. This time he's featuring a would-be star, who happens to be a bit hairier than most actors, struggling to make it big: he's Rocky the orangutan!

He lives the same life many struggling actors do, from chowing down on cheap eats, to taking public transit and showing up at castings. He does everything to connect with others, from sending old fashioned snail mail to text messages from PDA.

So what do you think, is this another stealth promotion disguised as an entertaining clip? Hmm.. judging by the emphasis on his gold-buttoned, cuffed jeans, I'd say so. The red tag on his bum is the big give away.

Here's another viral featuring primates, this one created by Cadbury: