Supakitch and Koralie Create Vibrantly Kitschy Pieces

 - Oct 25, 2011
References: vimeo & zeutch
These ornate and wonderfully colorful murals are the handiwork of famed French street artists Supakitch and Koralie. Utilizing vibrant paints, markers, stencils and cutouts, the duo creates swirling kitschy pieces studded with vibrant nesting dolls. Working in tandem, the pair tackles their work on all fronts. Koraline hunkers down to work on the finer details that will later be added to the piece, while Supakitch oversees to the creation of the larger piece. While their work on its own is impressive, the videos they produce of themselves in the midsts of creation are even more engaging.

Working with the type artistic accuracy and unflinching line work most artists can only dream of, the collaboration is efficient and calculated, yet loose and free. Everything, from the strategic drips to the curvature of the designs, seems premeditated, but unstilted. Their movements are fluid, well practiced and graceful. Watching their work is like watching a pianist's fingers fly across the ivories without doubt or hesitation. The result of their efforts is an aesthetically pleasing tangle of detail and texture. There is a childlike element in their work, which is evident in their choice of palette and utilization of design icons.

Distractingly beautiful and engaging, the work of Supakitch and Koralie is a pleasure to behold at any stage of their creative process.