'Sunwheel' is an Outdoor Exhibit Along Porto's Main Avenue

 - Aug 2, 2016
References: moradavaga & fubiz.net
In the ancient land of what is now Portugal, pagans worshiped the sun, and the new 'Sunwheel' installation takes that pagan history as inspiration. Located inside the fountain at the center of the city of Porto's main avenue, Sunwheel is a circle containing hundreds of reflective gold squares that move depending on environmental factors.

Stretching 8 meters across, Sunwheel is impossible to miss when driving or walking down Porto's promenade. But beyond simply making a beautiful work of art, the artistic duo Moradavaga wanted to incorporate the communal feel emblematic of their pagan inspiration. As such the reflective gold tiles not only swing when blow by wind, but the entire circular structure can be spun by passers-by, allowing viewers to manipulate their sun icon and create sparkling effects for one another.