Paul Goldstein's Recent Series Features Stunning African Landscapes

 - Jun 27, 2014
References: paulgoldstein & stupidDOPE
Wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein took his focus away from animals for a bit and captured beautiful sunset photography. His new series, aptly titled 'African Fire,' features fiery sunrises and sunsets over a national game reserve in Kenya.

The sunsets look surreal and truly make the sky look as if it's on fire. To capture them, Goldstein camped out at the reserve to ensure he got a myriad of shots. In each one, the light contrasts different parts of the dessert beautifully.

Of course, even though the subject of this series was the sky, the wildlife photographer couldn't fully stray from including a few African animals. Some of the photos feature elephants, lions and giraffes in the horizon. However, because of the contrasting lights many of them just look like mere shadows.