The Sunfresh Foods 'Monstrously Good!' Eggs are Ornately Colored

 - Dec 17, 2017
References: foodbev
The Sunfresh Foods 'Monstrously Good!' Hardboiled Eggs have been unveiled by the brand as a new option to pick up when looking for a precooked egg variety. The eggs come in packs of six and have been treated with a rainbow effect of colors that create a beautiful aesthetic to admire through the clear packaging. The ready-to-eat eggs are perfect for both adults and children alike to make the high-protein snacks a charming addition to your diet.

The Sunfresh Foods 'Monstrously Good!' Hardboiled Eggs are prepackaged with a projected shelf life of between three and five weeks, which makes them ideal for stocking in convenience stores and quick-service shops. This acknowledges the need for more natural food products with a high-protein profile.