Sundance Institute Kickstarter Coaches Help Double Indie Film Finances

 - Jun 12, 2012
References: fastcompany & fastcocreate
The power of crowd-sourced funding, recently made massively popular by Kickstarter, can only be fully realized if your product is marketed the right way; this is a skill that the Sundance Institute Kickstarter Coaches teach to indie film makers.

Indie films are notorious for having fabulously low budgets, forcing the entire team behind the film to use their resources. Unfortunately, more often than not, budget restraints are more frustrating than creatively lucrative. Since Sundance Institute knows that it is one thing to present a masterpiece on screen, but a completely different beast to market and sell it on the world wide web amongst so many other products, they are providing a service to help the struggling filmmaker excel on both fronts.

Obviously Sundance knows what it's doing, as $2.3 million in funding has been raised for indie films last year and has seen a doubled submission rate in the film category. Hooray for all the successful up-and-coming underdogs!