'Shower Beijing' by Sun Sichen Would Reduce Smog by Creating Rain

 - Nov 7, 2015
References: behance.net & yankodesign
The smog and pollution levels in Beijing are some of the highest anywhere on earth, which prompted the creation of 'Shower Beijing' by Sun Sichen that would utilize simple technology to help reduce the amount of particles in the air.

The concept of 'Shower Beijing' by Sun Sichen would, when in use, be installed onto the highest buildings in the city; when smog would be at its thickest, the rain machines could be turned on to capture the particles in the water droplets and wick them out of the air. The only perception of the 'Shower Beijing' by Sun Sichen being in operation would be light precipitation on the ground below.

An innovative yet simple way to help clean the air residents of Beijing breathe, 'Shower Beijing' by Sun Sichen could be the easiest solution to reducing airborne particles out there.