This Chart Will Help Push You to Find That Summer Internship

 - Mar 21, 2013
If you're a student who's debating spending your vacation doing summer internships, this helpful advice should help you make the right decision.

This study highlights the length of transition from college to career for interns and non-interns. It might shock you to find that fresh graduates can take up to 6.3 months to find a job, whilst those who have completed for an unpaid position in any industry, whether it be a journalism job or social media internship, can land a job in 2.5 months.

The study also finds that as of 2004, employers prefer their employees to have between 3-4 internship positions under their belt. Another finding states interns are 70% more likely to be hired in a full-time capacity with a company and earn roughly $11,500 more than their non-intern peers.

The informative study concludes that internships are essential training for young graduates today. The time is nigh,so get applying for some summer internships today.