The Subway Cafe Revamps the Chain with a Classy & Sophisticated Look

 - May 28, 2011
References: subway & psfk
If the Subway Cafe in Alexandria, Virginia is well-received, I would not be surprised if we'll see their iconic green and yellow signs diminish slowly throughout the country. I mean, since McDonald's is successfully revamping their image across the globe, it was only a matter of time before other fast food franchises began to follow suit. Considering that Subway officially became the biggest fast food chain in the world, dethroning even McDonald's, it shouldn't come as a surprise that it is trying to reflect that new status.

In addition to their standard menu, the Subway Cafe will offer baked goods, hot and cold espresso drinks, hot and iced chai lattes, hot chocolate and frozen blended drinks. The Subway Cafe's sophisticated look, however, is what will really draw the crowds.

Implications - Fast food corporations are constantly seeking new ways to make their establishments more multi-purpose. While they typically serve as a spot quick eats, by transforming the restaurant's environment they create a more consumer-friendly feel. The success of retail rebranding gives companies the opportunity to make more money by keeping the customer on the property longer than normal, and improves their corporate image by appearing more welcoming than before.