Takatsugu Kuriyama's Metro System Model Enlightens Us on the Art of Commuting

 - Apr 10, 2013
References: youtu.be & notcot.org
The subway is a system that many use on a daily basis in order to conveniently hop from one end of the city to the other, but people hardly ever stop to think about the complex and intricate tunnel system of trains that they're relying on. Takatsugu Kuriyama's 3D subway art installation is trying to express the visually stunning look of Tokyo's metro system while also simultaneously showing its distinct, artistic beauty.

Using a series of miniature see-through tubes, each delicately arranged in precise positions, Kuriyama's 3D subway art exhibit is a small way of showing the complicated network of subway tunnels that make up our metros and that the public is usually unaware of. By pumping bright-colored fluid through these tubes, Kuriyama's 3D subway art creatively shows the juice flowing through the hidden arteries of our cities.