These Stunningly Captivating Photographs Play with Transparency

The stunningly captivating photographs of Washington-based photographer Angela Kelly are inspired by the chilly weather. Inspired by her seven year old son’s experimental soap bubbles outdoors in -9°C weather, the series of photos is majestic.

The outcome of playful soap bubble making and an artistic mother with a sharp eye is an incredible whimsical gallery collection called 'Life in a Bubble.'The bubbles freeze almost instantly upon falling on the ground. Some bubbles remain undamaged, leaving a glassy transparent snow globe behind, while others crack from the impact of the fall and appear like cracked eggs. The photographic results are stunning. The photographs of the bubbles captured at sun rise are particularly noteworthy. The glimpse of dawn filtering through the transparent snow globe-esque bubble captures the true serenity of the moment.

Angela Kelly’s work demonstrates how spontaneity is an artist’s best friend, creating innovation and inspiration when least expected.