Studio IwamotoScott's Flowery Wood 'Voussoir Cloud' Structure

 - Aug 28, 2009   Updated: Mar 31 2011
References: iwamotoscott & dailytonic
Studio IwamotoScott has created a pavilion called 'Voussoir Cloud' that is made of three-dimensional petals formed from wood laminate.

The Studio IwamotoScott 'Voussoir Cloud' design is a pretty floral design, letting outer light shine in through the open petals. The design is also cool because every petal is slightly different, creating a uniqueness you wouldn't expect from wood laminate architecture.

Implications - The brusque, cold and impersonal feel of modernist architecture has long worn out its welcome with the modern consumer and this has given way to buildings and structures that embrace an altogether more positive aesthetic. Designs like this reflect this movement, and companies or organizations looking to design buildings designed to attract customers and sightseers would do well to take note.