Studio Drift's Lighting is Inspired by Flowers and Bees

 - Jun 25, 2012
References: & mymodernmet
While the pendent lamps created by Studio Drift may have a jellyfish-like look and butterfly-like action, they are in fact inspired by the relationship between flowers and bees. With this in mind, the ethereal aesthetic is transformed from gelatinously transparent to petal pretty while the dropping motion each lamp undergoes is reminiscent of a blossoming flower, not a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

Created for 2012 Luminale, an architecture and design festival held in Frankfurt, Germany, Studio Drift designed three different lights: Flylight, Shylight and Fragile Future. Studio Drift made sure that each lamp had their own personality. For instance, Shylight is the one that drops down when in full blossom, but it flips up and retreats back into its shell at the slightest sense of danger.