Studio Bertjan Pot's Come on LED's go! Lighting Makes a Statement

 - May 10, 2014
References: mocoloco & mocoloco
Based In Rotterdam, Netherlands, Studio Bertjan Pot is made up of designers Bertjan Pot, Vladi Rapaport and Marjolein Fase. The trio's focus lies in industrial design works that include this clever and visually striking Come on LED's go! Lighting fixture.

The piece is made up of multiple bulbs elements that are available in cool white or multi-coloured styles. Whether opting for a modern disco ball look in white or a technicolored statement piece for one's home, this illuminator from Studio Bertjan Pot is guaranteed to liven up any modern home.

The carnival-inspired lights feature a mesh framework that acts as a base for its LED light elements. The accessories are handcrafted and created in collaboration with fabrication design specialists Den Herder Production House (DHPH), also based in the Netherlands.