'Streetview Updating by Hertz' Places Google Cameras on Rental Cars

 - Sep 26, 2011
References: vimeo
'Streetview Updating by Hertz' is an initiative by the Miami Ad School in New York that envisions drivers continually updating Google Street View maps via rental cars equipped with cameras. The project leverages the ever-descending costs of mobile cameras and Internet connectivity to combat the growing contingent of Google users who complain that their old car, fence or building should no longer appear in Google Street View.

How often is Google Street View updated, anyway? Streetview Updating by Hertz would help Google answer that question more precisely by using the largest car fleet in the world to continually update the GPS database.

Implications - Crowdsourcing continues to drive innovation in the technology sector, and this project aims to take crowdsourcing offline to ensure globally used databases remain relevant.