The DroneShield 'DroneGun' Can Stop Drones from Infiltrating Airspace

 - Nov 28, 2016
References: droneshield & geeky-gadgets
Drone technology is becoming more pervasive, so the DroneShield 'DroneGun' is designed to stop drones from infiltrating restricted airspace.

Although the design of the DroneShield 'DroneGun' might have users thinking it's for destroying drones, the device is actually much nicer. Users of the DroneShield 'DroneGun' will be able to aim it at the drone, stop it from recording and bring it down for a safe landing. Alternatively, the DroneShield 'DroneGun' can be used to stop drones by sending them a signal to return back to where they came from.

The DroneShield 'DroneGun' is an effective piece of equipment for use at airports, prisons and other areas with restricted airspace in order to help keep drones at bay to help prevent accidents.