The Stockholm Pavilion by Kustaa Saksi and Gert Wingårdh is Decei

 - Feb 11, 2013
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The Stockholm Pavilion is a breathtaking structure built for the 2013 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. Depending on how a person looks at it, the Stockholm Pavilion changes completely. Upon first setting eyes on it, it looks like a whimsically delicate creation made out of white pieces of paper. Nevertheless, it takes people on a psychedelic journey that is only perceivable when up close and personal.

Created by artist Kustaa Saksi and architect Gert Wingårdh, the Stockholm Pavilion is made up of 700,000 illustrated sheets of A3 paper and 44,000 dots. The illustrations can only be seen when the underside of the paper is visible. A work in progress, it has a dual personality that people will love to get to know better. Especially because the initial view is so different from what's inside.