The Stillness Light is Made Up of a Pendant Used Plastic Container

 - Jan 7, 2014
References: alkeshparmar & junk-culture
When you acquire a Stillness Light, it will be incomplete. The light fixture comprises a dangling cord and a small silver cap that has LEDs embedded in it. You can, of course, hang it up as it is, but the designer intended this product to be combined with something else -- something that you can find in your recycling bin.

Alkesh Parmar's creation is compatible with your standard plastic water bottle so that you can opt to display your favorite brand of pop in its small, medium or large size. Leave the label on or tear if off cleanly, according to your preference.

More creativity can be explored with the Stillness Light by filling it up with different volumes of water and even tinting that liquid with food coloring. This will change the refracted patterns that form beneath the pendant lamp.